Feb 27

How to add a pin widget

How to add a pin widget

Hereby we explain to you how to add a pin widget. With the pin widget, you can specify positions on a map, floor plan, or photo to add additional information!

First login to the platform .

  • Drag or double-click the Pin widget to add it to the form
  • Click on the widget and give it a name
  • Click on Select image and add an image
  • When you check the box, you allow users of the app to change the image
  • Now add the pins. You can add up to 5 different pins. Build a subform for each pin with further information.
  • You can choose an existing subform or create a new one
  • You can add an icon yourself, or choose from the default icons
  • Fill in the item markup and give the pin a number. For these fields you can also use the placeholders from the subform

You can add the five variations as often as needed to the image on your smart device. There are no restrictions. On your smart device you can zoom in to assign the pins accurately. Click Save & Publish.

The pin element costs one extra credit.

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