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How to export data to Excel

How to export data to Excel

If you have completed multiple digital forms, you can export the data to Excel.


  • Go to the MoreApp Platform and login.
  • Click on the form you want to export data from.
  • Go to the Registrations Tab. Here, you will see a summary of the data.
  • You can easily search through data via the search bar.
  • With the Select Columns option, you can drag, select and position the data to your preference.
  • You can sort the data alphabetically or numerically.
  • When you click the eye icon, even more information about the registration will appear.

Export data

  • If you want to export the data at once, click Export All. Open the Excel file and you will see all of the data.
  • You can also export each completed forms separately or select multiple registrations.
  • Select the forms you want to export.
  • Click on Export Selected.
  • Now you can open the Excel file and you will see that only the data of the selected completed forms are in the file.

The platform of MoreApp is fully compatible with other systems. Using the API you can integrate MoreApp with your own systems. Do you have questions about the integration? Contact us directly or through one of our partners.

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