May 17

How to send a work instruction

How to send a work instruction

An instruction is a request to one or more users to fill in a form. You can pre-fill parts of the form, so the assigned user(s) can complete it.

  • Go to the MoreApp Platform and log in.
  • Click on Work Instructions.
  • Choose New Work instruction.
  • The form that you chose will show up. Now you can fill in the given information.
  • Choose one or more users that you want to send the instructions to
  • The message box is optional
  • The users always receive the instruction immediately. Click Save.

Push notification

The users that you chose will receive a push notification on their smartphone or tablet. The instructions can be found in the menu of the app.

MoreApp Platform

  • Go to Work Instructions. There you can check if the instructions that you sent were completed.
  • Click on the Eye icon.
  • Now there is a circle, however, if your colleague in the field completed the form, there will be a check-mark plus the date and time when the form was sent.
  • You can also choose to put the instruction on Complete or Revoke yourself.

For the work instructions to be completed functional there is an API intergration available. With the API you can connect MoreApp with your own system. Send us an email if you want to know more.

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