May 12

How to configure your email

How to configure your email

MoreApp automatically adds a standar email to every form. Configure the sender, (dynamic) recipients, and the subject line.

Go to the MoreApp Platform and login.


  • Go to the form and click Edit form
  • Go to the Email Tab.
  • Add the name of the sender.


  • Add one or more recipients and separate them with a comma.
  • Go to the tab Widgets. Add an Email Widget.
  • Go back to the tab Email and click on Add recipient to add the dynamic recipients.
  • You see that the Email Widget we've just added now appears in the Add recipient drop-down menu.
  • You can also choose an email address that is used in a Radio, Lookup or Search Widget.

Subject line

  • Also, fill in the subject line of the email. Here you can use placeholders.
  • Choose for example the customer name from the drop-down menu and add it to the subject line.
  • Type the text that you would like to appear in the email. You can use the various options to customize your email.

Email content

  • Of course, you can also use placeholders in the email text.
  • You can also add a HTML email built with MailChimp for example.
  • Click Save and Publish.
  • When you fill in a form you will receive an email directly.

Additionally, you can configure the PDF settings in the Email tab. For more information about how to configure the PDF attachment go to How to configure your PDF attachment.

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