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How to add a MailChimp design

How to add a MailChimp design

MailChimp allows you to design creative emails easily. How to add a MailChimp design to MoreApp? Watch the tutorial!


  • Go to MailChimp
  • Design the email and save the template
  • Navigate to the Templates page
  • Click the drop-down menu next to the 'Edit' button for the template you want to download and choose Export as HTML
  • The template is now downloaded to your computer as an HTML file
  • You will now be able to edit the template outside of MailChimp in your preferred HTML editor, we use Brackets


  • MailChimp adds three lines between the head and body you should delete these
  • Delete the following piece of code:

Delete from the code

  • Copy the code and also save the code as HTML file

Add an email

  • Go to the online platform and login
  • Go to the Email tab
  • Click Add Email
  • Fill in the empty fields of the email
  • Paste the HTML code
  • Click Code View and paste the HTML code into MoreApp
  • You can also add placeholders to your email
  • Click on the drop down menu Placeholders
  • And remember the customer placeholder: ${customer}
  • Click Code View
  • And add the text to the email
  • In this way, the newly added text is in the same format as the rest of the email

Add the PDF attachment

  • Click on Add attachment to add the PDF
  • And click Save & Publish

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