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How to add a Calculation widget

How to add a Calculation widget

Download this free widget from the Marketplace. We will show you how you add hours worked in the week and multiply that by the cost per hour.

The Calculation widget allows operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division over one or more Number and Price widgets. It can also be used with subforms.


Add a Subform widget

  • Go to the online platform and login.
  • Go to your form.
  • Click Edit form.
  • Add the Subform widget.
  • Add a Lookup widget with the days of the week.
  • Add a Number widget for hours.

Calculate in MoreApp forms

Calculation widget: adding up

  • Go to Installed widgets.
  • Add a Calculation widget.
  • For the operator choose add.
  • Choose hours as a calculation term.
  • Click Save.

Calculation widget: multiply

  • Add the Price widget, a widget you can also download from the Marketplace.
  • Choose the currency.
  • Add another Calculation widget.
  • For the operator choose multiply.
  • Choose the Calculation terms: hours multiplied by the price.

Are you a developer? Create a widget and add it to the Marketplace.

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