May 13

How to import data with Excel

How to import data with Excel

Import an Excel file with customer and product data to use in your forms.

Excel file

Prepare an Excel file that meets the next requirements:

  • .xslx extension
  • Add an id column with unique numbers or letters.
  • Add a header to each column.

Data Sources

  • Go to the MoreApp Platform and login.
  • Go to the Data Sources tab.
  • Click Add a data source.
  • You can choose to import data from an URL or from Excel.
  • Give th Data Source a name.
  • Choose Excel.
  • Now, click on Choose file. Choose the file and click Save.


You will see that all the customers appear in the overview, you can delete the data source, upload a new file, and select and position the data to your preference.

Search Widget

I will show you how to display the data in your form. The data will be stored locally, so it will also work offline.

  • Go to the Forms tab.
  • Open your form.
  • Click on Edit Form and add the Search Widget.
  • Click on the Widget and give it a name.
  • Choose the data source that was just added.
  • Choose what fields you want to have visible in the form.

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