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How to resend a registration

How to resend a registration

How to resend a registration to receive the correct email and PDF?

Resend registration

It may happen that a user fills in a form without the email or PDF configured properly. The consequence is that the email with the PDF is unreadable or does not arrive, but there is a solution! You can resend the registration so that you receive the correct email and PDF. Follow these steps to send the registration according to the last email and PDF configuration. Pay attention! If there is an error in the email or PDF configuration is, first change that before you resend the registration.

  • Go to the platform and login
  • If there is an error in the email or PDF configuration, first edit it under the Email tab
  • Click Save & Publish
  • Then go to the Registrations tab
  • In the last column, click on the eye icon
  • Here you can see detailed information about the registration, at the bottom you will find the Resend registration button
  • Click the button and the PDF will be regenerated and sent according to the last configuratio
  • Pay attention! The same number of credits will be re-charged for processing the form
  • An email is sent to the entered email addresses
  • If hooks are installed, they are also processed again

Refresh the app, update your forms

Before you fill in a new form, it is important to update the forms. Do this by refreshing the folder overview in the app by pulling down to refresh.

  • Open the app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Go to the folder overview
  • Pull the screen down (pull to refresh)


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