Jun 16

How to add a subform

How to add a subform

With the Subform widget, you can repeat adding parts to the form. For example, filling a table with data about materials used, hours worked, photos or building parts.

Subform widget

  • Go to the MoreApp Platform and login.
  • Open the Forms tab and click Edit form.
  • Drag or double-click the widget to add it to the form.
  • Click on the widget and give it a name (label).
  • Add the button text.
  • Now you can create a subform.
  • Click on the plus and give the subform a name.
  • The screen moves to the subform that you can fill with widgets.


  • Click on the pencil to edit the Subform widget.
  • Use placeholders by clicking on the blue buttons or insert any descriptive text of your choice. This information will be shown as a summary of the subform.


Minimum and maximum

Determine in advance how often the subform will be used by setting a minimum and / or maximum.



Using subforms won't cost you extra credits!

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