What is MoreApp?

MoreApp is the tool to ditch your paper work. With the MoreApp Form Builder you can easily build any digital form. Use the app or webforms to fill in the forms you've created. Add photo’s, signatures, checkboxes, et cetera, and send PDF reports by mail.

Who can use MoreApp?

MoreApp is suitable for companies and organizations in every industry that collect and register structured information. Users are for example: installers, mechanics, facility staff, maintenance staff, inspectors, home care employees, marketers and security guards. Currently MoreApp is used in construction, healthcare, the automotive industry, horticulture, industrial companies, government, off-shore, and education.

What kind of forms can you build?

With MoreApp you can build almost any kind of form. Short enquiry forms or very complex inspection applications. Forms can be filled in on a computer, with a browser or offline using the app on smartphones and tablets.

What are the costs of MoreApp?

MoreApp uses a pay-per-use model. Customers only pay for the use of mobile forms. When you send a form a credit is charged, or more depending on the complexity of the form. A credit can cost anywhere from €0.35 to €0.14, depending on the prepaid amount. Credits never expire, customers have no monthly obligation, and the number of users is unlimited!

Do my credits expire?

Your credits never expire.

How many credits do my forms cost?

The cost of the form is depending on the amount of photo’s and extra widgets form our Marketplace. A form without photo’s or <6 costs 1 credit. A form with 10 photo’s costs 2 credits. For more information please visit our pricing page.

Can I use MoreApp for free?

It is possible to use MoreApp Forever Free. The limitations are 100 credits per month, no custom made PDF report, and no paid hooks or widgets.

On what platforms does the app work?

MoreApp works on Android and iOS devices. The forms can also be used on computers and Windows devices using the webclient. The app works offline. The webclient only works with an internet connection.

Can I use MoreApp for webforms?

Yes you can use the webclient to log on to your forms using a computer. You can also share an unique link to your form. People with the link can open the form on a computer or mobile device.

Can I use MoreApp offline?

MoreApp can be used offline. When in offline mode we cache the saved forms until the connection is restored. You can even search your data sources when offline!

Is my data secure?

The data of your registrations is stored secured, legible, validated and is always accessible via the online platform. Export the data via the platform to email (PDF), CSV (Excel and Access).This is to ensure you always have the data at hand. If you do not want to store your data on the secure platform, you can use the platform as a gateway. In that case the generated data is led directly to your own server via a link.

Can I integrate MoreApp with my current software?

Of course it is possible to connect MoreApp with your existing systems. Next to the standard export possibilities (email, PDF and Excel), MoreApp has API’s that support the integration with your CRM, ERP, or other back and front office systems.

In which languages does MoreApp offer support?

We offer support in English, Spanish, Dutch and German. The online platform is available in English and Spanish. The app is available in English, Dutch, and Spanish. You can build the forms in any language.

How can I get in contact with a MoreApp employee?

Go to our support centre in the platform.

Can I be a reseller of MoreApp?

As a company you can be a reseller of MoreApp. For more information contact us by sending an email to info@moreapp.com.