Build your own forms

With our Form Builder, it's easier than ever to build your own forms. We offer a wide range of widgets that you can simply drag-and-drop into your form. Organise your forms in folders to keep it nice and clear.

Fill in forms with the app

Using our app, users can fill in and submit the forms you've created. Invite users and grant them access to your forms in the app. Install the forms app on iOS, Android or use the browser. The app also works offline.

Receive email with PDF

Each submitted form can be found in our platform. Also, you can receive an email with PDF for each submitted form. For example, a PDF could be sent to administration, but also to the user that submitted it.

Show/hide fields

Configure rules to show or hide fields under certain circumstances. This ensures your form is kept clear and bother you with questions that are not applicable.

Export to Excel

You can find submitted forms in our platform, but you can also export them to Excel. You may choose to export all submitted forms or make your own selection.

Send work instructions

Instruct one or more users to fill in a certain form, with the option to (partly) pre-fill it. These users will receive a notification in their forms app. Follow the status of the instructions in our platform.

Import data from Excel

Import an Excel file containing for example customer- or product data, to use in your form. These records are stored in the app so they're searchable and available offline.