Kraft Heinz' audit app

Kraft Heinz uses MoreApp to inspect the points of sale and track their products in the market.


Kraft Heinz is the world's fifth largest company in the food industry. Within Kraft Heinz portfolio, Ketchup is the most iconic product, strongly recognized worldwide. However, they also count on very important brands such as Philadelphia Cheese and Mac & Cheese. In Costa Rica they have located a production factory as well as the subsidiary that gives support to all countries in Central America with 253 employees.



Kraft Heinz works with the audit app from MoreApp to fill in forms to track the evolution of prices of their products at all the points of sale, inspecting the shelfs in the main categories, maintaining the merchandise, and additional exhibitions.


"With MoreApp we have gained a lot of speed when capturing data. We have reduced the time of data collection to half at every point of sale!" - Mónica Vasquez


While carrying out audits and inspections at the points of sale, Kraft Heinz no longer wanted to work with a paper form. In order to continue and improve business excellence, they had to get rid of paper and bet on technological facilities.


Easy and reliable

The objective of working with a digital form at Kraft Heinz, is to help the field contributor with the process of capturing data and make his job more enjoyable. The digital forms are easy to design, complete and the app is reliable.


Kraft Heinz monthly transfers the captured data from the point of sales to Excel and soon they will implement a new Business Intelligence system, MoreApp ensures full integration with any IT system. "The customer service of MoreApp is unbeatable and thanks to the versatility of the product, the tool is adapted to the needs of the customers." - Monica comments.

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