How an Account Manager Can Use MoreApp

Discover how the use of MoreApp's digital forms software will provide speed and efficiency to an account manager's work.

Account managers work in an environment where paper forms are constantly being used at a large scale. This is where MoreApp comes to play! Using an account manager app would reduce the workload from the account managers at a high scale. This is because of digital forms, digital forms provide data auditing with a reduced amount of errors. Digital forms also provide speed and efficiency which would be highly beneficial for account managers.

By using an account manager app it will mean an account manager will be able to implement a cost-saving mindset. When it comes to filling in paper documents, it's an expense that stacks up everyday and it's largely unnoticed. For example an employee could spend an hour on filling in forms and entering data manually. Therefore using an account manager app such as MoreApp will save you money in the long term.

Furthermore for account managers, using an account manager app such as MoreApp would minimise risks. The reason is that the account manager does not have to keep contracts and other documents in a filed cabinet. Working with a digital forms app like MoreApp is much safer. MoreApp would provide the highest level of security for account managers due to the fact that MoreApp has the ISO27001 certification. This certificate indicates that MoreApp complies with international standards in the field of information security.

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