How Does Deforestation Affect the Environment?

Deforestation is an issue that has been brought to the front of the international scene since the past decades. Unfortunately, as the human needs grow, so is the deforestation. As urbanisation is developing, more and more lands are needed, but at what price? MoreApp gives you some striking facts and figures to help you understand better how deforestation affects our environment, why our forests are so important and why we should protect them. 

What is deforestation? It is the fact of cutting trees and removing forests for the human use like agricultural expansion, housing or even illegal logging. As we are more and more numerous on the planet, we need more space, but this exposes the planet to many risks. 

How Does Deforestation Endanger the Environment?

Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment, we tried to narrow them down: 

Why are Forests so Important?

What can we do to Avoid Deforestation?

The number of newly planted trees increases every year, but the total still equals a tiny part of what the planet really needs. Ending the deforestation requires a strong political will from the leaders of all countries.

However, your power as a consumer is vital to stop deforestation! Like any business, if there is no demand, the supply will reduce. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly companies that are helping to reduce deforestation. They need your support.

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