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MoreApp is flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems. Serve your clients optimally with this addition to your portfolio. Deliver added value, advice, and implementation around MoreApp is right for you.

Business partner

As a business partner you use MoreApp to create new services. Deliver added value by enriching MoreApp with your knowledge of the market and create industry-specified forms.

Technical partner

As a technical parter you are entitled to add MoreApp to existing systems of clients, add MoreApp to your own software and deliver custom-made services.


As a technical partner you can connect MoreApp to other systems and databases with our API's. This works both ways. Data from external systems can be used in the forms of MoreApp. The registered data of MoreApp appears automatically in the ERP, CRM, back and front office systems for further analysis.


Becoming partner of MoreApp is without any costs. It will also bring in new business. The costs for using MoreApp are the same for everyone. You can buy credits in the form of bundles. Prices range from €0.05 to €0.35 per credit. Our existing partners usually buy in bulk.